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Yoga Pick Up Lines

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You could bounce a quarter off that asana!

You've got great posture. I'd love to see you flow sometime.

Is it hot in this Bikram studio, or is it just you?

There's nothing humble about my warrior.

Are you doing Ananda Balasana, or are you just happy to see me, baby?

That's a nice pair of yoga pants... can I talk you out of them?

I hope you're into yoga, cause you're gonna get a good stretch tonight!

Wow, you're flexible... I'd love to see what you can do outside of class!

I'd let you Chataranga over me any day!

Wanna join me for some downward doggy-style tonight?

Do you like yoga? If you do, then Yoganna LOVE me!

My Cobra pose isn't the only thing that's rising upward.

I can think of an activity that'll make you sweat even more than a 90 minute hot yoga class...

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