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Twilight Pick-up Lines

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Edward's Pick Up Lines:

Hi. The voices in my head just told me to come talk to you.

My sister can see the future. Let me give you a clue, it’s Me + You.

Am I dead? Because I think I just met an angel.

Pardon me Miss. I…uhh..hello? Dang it! She fainted again.

Why can’t I stop dazzling people?

Have you been drinking, or do I intoxicate you?

I have a private island. Wanna see it?

Hi, I’m Edward. I can be the super hero or the bad guy.

I’m an addict. Will you be my heroin?

Jacob's Pick Up Lines:

I can go from furry to naked in 1.3 seconds

Will you be the mother of my puppies?

Wanna play a game? You can be Little Red Riding Hood and I’ll be the Big Bad Wolf.

So…how do you feel about dogs?

I give a whole new meaning to ‘Animal Attraction’

You look imprintable…I mean uhh..impeccable in that outfit.

Hey baby, need a mechanic for that finely tuned body?

You know what they say, right? Once you go "Black" you never go back.

You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?

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