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Psychology Pick-up Lines

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Are you happy to see me, or is that just a defense mechanism?

Are you broca’s aphasia? Because you leave me speechless.

When you fell from heaven, did it leave you with any lasting emotional scars?

You put me in an altered state of consciousness.

Baby you light up my world like my primary visual cortex.

Are you real, or are you a delusion? Either way, you’re really hot!

Baby I love everything about you not just the fragmented parts of your personality or your cognitive functioning.

I think I’ve just been classically conditioned by your beauty.

Baby you’ll be enhancing the duration of your short term memory tonight... by saying my name all night long!

Hey girl can I get your number in my Long Term memory?

Baby you’re like an independent variable the way you enlarge my bar graph.

Let me show you a relaxation technique not used for systematic desensitization.

Damn Baby, you activate my HPA axis.

Baby, all I see in my Rorschach Tests is me and you!

You make my dopamine levels go all silly.

Can I buy you a shrink?

Are you a conditioned stimulus? Cause you’re making me drool.

Care to teach me more about interpersonal relationships?

Dayum girl you give me some physiological arousal

All three levels of my psyche agree, we need to start dating.

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