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Mormon Pick-up Lines

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You’re breaking a commandment, because you’re smokin’!

I knew I’d feel the spirit at church, but I never thought I’d see an angel.

Is your name Virtue? Because you garnish my thoughts unceasingly.

I think I recognize your name from my patriarchal blessing.

Are you a gadiaton robber? Because you just stole my heart.

Do you go to EFY because I’m especially for you.

If you don’t marry me you won’t be able to attain godhood or salvation in the highest degree of celestial kingdom for that matter.

Even with the Liahona I get lost in your eyes

If you were the iron rod, I would hold on to you for all eternity.

I can be your scripture hero.

Are you feeling cold, because I could be your Holy Ghost.

Can your bring your feelings for me to church on Tuesday night? Because I’m damn sure it’s mutual.

You know why solomon had so many wives? Because he never found you.

You remind me of the fruit in Lehi’s dream; precious above all others.

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