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Medieval, Middle Ages Pick-up Lines

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Fair Maiden, you can scale my battlements any day!

What's a princess like you doing in a dungeon like this?

I'd rather be beheaded than be denied a date with you.

Yes, I am indeed a wizard. Watch me make your clothes disappear!

When I was put on the rack in the inquisition, my limbs weren't the only things that got stretched.

What a fine set of chalices you have.

It seems as if my dragon has finally found a nice cave to rest in.

You wouldn't happen to know where a lonely knight could sheath his sword, would you?

Is that a knife in your armor? Or are you just happy to see me?

If I were a horse, I'd rather you mounted me without the saddle.

Would you care to see my longsword in action?

You look like a maiden in distress, why don't I save you?

Your chastity belt would look great on the floor of my sleeping chamber.

Fair Maiden, your cups runneth over.

I most certainly am King in bed! Shall I prove it to you?

It's not the size of the staff that matters, but the magic within.

I am beset by this dragon in my loins, and only you can quench its fire!

Don't believe the rumours you've heard... the Bubonic plague didn't affect my important organs.

Like a mare, I can be ridden for hours.

They say a knight is always as hard as his armor.

What a fine gown you're wearing, my lady. Perchance may I talk you out of it?

I may not be a priest, but I can take you to the heavens, princess.

Come up to my chamber and I'll show you the largest treasure in the land.

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