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Historical Pick Up Lines

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I'm no Thomas Paine, but you and I are Common Sense.

Want to reenact the Battle of the Bulge?

Do you want to help me with my project on the tit- I'm mean, TET Offensive?

Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore... my face should be among them!

There's a reason they say I started the Era of Good Feelings.

Want to play War of 1812? I'll light your White House on fire.

I'll be your Secretary of the Interior.

I bet if Jefferson had met you, he would have vetoed the Non-Intercourse Act.

Are you from Medieval Times? Cause you Sir Gagsalot

Call me Paul Revere, because I would like to give you a midnight ride.

Want to go back to my place and discuss Big Stick Diplomacy?

I have sex like I fight a war; I got no exit strategies.

Is your name Maya, cause I'd like to sacrifice you to the gods.

The Great Pyramid, the Sahara, the Nile, me... get the picture?

Are you an early hominid? Because I've got a Homo Erectus right now.

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