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FireFighter Pick Up Lines

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Hey girl! Wanna slide down my pole?

If you play with fire, you’ll end up burnt. If you play with a firefighter you’ll end up wet!

I’m on fire - you wanna stop, drop and roll with me?

I could make you scream louder than the fire siren.

I don’t have a very long hose, but I’ve got one hell of a pumper!

I’m going to ride you like a fire truck on a bad stretch of road on the way to a 6 alarm fire!

Can I hit your hydrant?

Did u know that firefighters are professional hose handlers?

It’s my job to go in when it’s extremely Hot and I never pull out until it’s dripping wet!

Don’t prime the pump unless you want to squirt a little water.

You know, firefighters have the longest hoses!

I’m a firefighter... I run into burning buildings to save complete strangers, imagine what I would do for you.

They call me "The Fireman"... mainly because I turn the hoes on.

The fire might be out but you are still smoking hot.

You’re hotter than a 5 alarm fire.

The hotter you get, the faster we come!

Firefighters are always in heat.

Your so hot, a firefighter couldn’t put you out.

I would climb you like a ladder.

I save babies, puppies, and kittens. And I look forward to saving you from a boring life!

The first rule for a patient is to remove all restricting clothing. Can I go ahead and start now?

As a fireman, I’m an expert in what’s hot.

Nice hose, does it pump?

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