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Fencing Pick Up Lines

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Can I lubricate your point tonight?

Don't worry about a thing, I brought a protective rubber tip.

I prefer the French style, but I hear Italian is fun too.

Are you into whips, or just good old fashioned thrusting?

Are you a screamer?

Are you here for the fencing lesson? Because I'm about to shove it in

Can I be your bp later?

I want to touch you all over!

Wanna pull my body wire tonight?

Will you parry me?

You look edgy, perhaps you should lower your guard a little.

You can lunge at me any time.

If fencers still wore hearts on their uniforms you'd see how you've touched mine.

Wanna find out why my friends call me the Scoring Apparatus?

Let me buy you a Lexan mask so I can gaze into your eyes all day.

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