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Cheerleading, Cheerleader Pick Up Lines

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The way you do the splits, it makes your legs look like they’ve never met. I won’t have to work very hard to open them!

Are you a cheerleader? Because you’ve been tumbling through my mind all day!

I must be a loose flyer, because I’m falling for you!

Are you a flyer? Because I want to pick you up.

I wish I were your back spot so I could touch your butt.

I’ll love you like a flyer loves not bring dropped.

Hey cutie, I can really teach you how to yell.

I received a 0.5 deduction for falling for you.

Can you teach me the counts? Specifically, the counts to your heart.

I’d love to see the way you handle my spirit stick.

Would you like a banana to go with those splits?

Do you believe in love at first sight of someone’s butt?

I must say that high school was hell, but you were the hottest thing there.

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