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Astronomy Pick-up Lines for NASA Astronauts

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You’re so attractive, the gravitational disturbance is causing my galactic center to elongate.

Hey girl, I’m not just going to show you the world, I’ll show you the universe.

Do you live on Mars? ‘Cause you look out of this world.

Hey baby, are you made up of dark matter? Because you’re indescribable.

I’m an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.

Are you the moon? Because even when it’s dark you still seem to shine.

You radiate in the shortest wavelengths I’ve ever encountered.

Hey baby, mind if i send my probe into your wormhole?

Is that a telescope in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Hey girl, are you the sun? Because you’re the center of my universe.

Hey girl! Let me orbit around that ass.

Are you an exoplanet? Because I’m bad at astronomy and pick up lines.

How about you let me take you to the Planetarium? We can learn about astronomy then afterward maybe I can explore Uranus.

Your eyes look like dark black holes, but that’s alright, because I like astronomy.

Hey beautiful! Your face is like a moon. Always glowing.

There will only be 7 planets left after I destroy Uranus.

Care to experience some thrust?

I think you might be a star, because I can't stop orbiting around you.

Do you also feel the strong gravitational pull of my bed?

Do you work for NASA? Because you're out of this world.

How about you and I form a binary system?

My space ship is ready. Wanna ride?

Hey baby, wanna witness a gamma ray burst?

Ever wonder what's happening under Orion's belt?

Hey, wanna come to my place and observe something else that's constantly expanding?

Hey, how'd you like to recreate the Big Bang?

If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I'd have a galaxy in my hand.

Are you into astronomy? Because your ass is out of this world.

Baby you make my telescope expand.

Baby, you're like a white dwarf star, extremely hot but not very bright.

Hey baby, how many Gamma-ray bursts can your Milky Way take?

Kiss me! Let me taste your sweet lips before the asteroid destroys earth

Nice asteroids.

Mind if my comet enters your solar system?

My pants are approaching escape velocity.

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