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Animal Pick Up Lines

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Do you like whales? Cause I was thinking that we could "humpback" at my place.

Do you wanna play lion tamer? It's when you get on all fours and I put my head in your mouth.

Are you a cat? Because you're purrrrrfect.

If I was a squirrel I'd store my nuts in your hole!

There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I'd like to catch and mount back at my place

I'm the flower, you're the bee. Why don't you suck the sweet pollen right out of me?

Do you like Sea World, because you’re about to be in my splash zone

If I bear my heart and soul, can I sneak a peek at your honey pot?

If I were a rabbit, I'd jump in your hole!

Are you a dog? Because I'd like to throw you a bone.

Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call animal control cause I just saw a fox!

Do you like Eagles? Cause I can make you sore.

They call me the cat whisperer, cause I know exactly what the pussy needs.

If you were a camel, I'd hump you!

Wanna go on a picnic? Alpaca lunch.

Are you a unicorn? Because you’re my fantasy

Are you a termite? Cause you're about to have a mouth full of wood.

Do you have pet insurance? Because I'm going destroy your pussy.

I'll have the chicken breast, hold the chicken.

Baby, you're like a championship bass. I don't know whether to mount you or eat you!

It's hunting season and fox like you shouldn’t be out in the open!

If you were a farmer I would let you choke my chicken

Have you ever milked a cow before? cause your gonna need a bucket for this too.

Life's a jungle - let's go to your place and bang like animals!

If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?

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